Paying Attention to Attention

This week was interesting.  I would definitely have to say that it is not a very accurate representation of my internet usage and habits when I have better access to wi-fi and my schedule is not so messed up.  What my journal told me this week was that my schedule has been not been conducive at all to staying on top of homework and keeping up with assignments.  The combination of heat and storms made it so that the internet signal was spotty at best and completely non-existent at worst.  I had to restart my phone multiple times this week so that it would resynchronize, or whatever, with the available cellphone service so that I could have some sort of connectivity rather than none.

Retrieved from CC by Adam Singer

Even with such efforts being made, I still did not get as much done as I wanted to when I wanted to because I had to spend most of my time this week in my grandparents’ garden picking produce and pulling grass.  Due to their conditions, they are unable to take care of the garden as it needs to be taken care of, especially when the rainfall is managing to stay far enough away that absolutely none hits the garden, but it still stays close enough to mess with the cell service and wi-fi connectivity.  It has been even more important this week because the fair is on Monday.  Every year my grandfather chooses the best produce from his garden to compete with and oftentimes wins numerous blue ribbons.  It is a nice hobby for him to have, but it is difficult for him to maintain because his chemotherapy and radiation sap his energy and make him unable to be out in the heat and the sunlight for any extended period of time.  He tried to do so last week and got a sunburn that looked like a massive bruise spanning the entirety of his arms.

Retrieved from CC by Jennifer C. (I only wish my grandparents’ garden was this organized!)

When I have better connectivity and availability, I tend to stay more up-to-date with current events, I schedule my homework times better and able to stay more focused as I have the freedom to take short breaks and return to my assignments as I need to.  Even though the data rolled over while I am staying with my mother, she gets antsy when I use it for any length of time longer than fifteen minutes because the amount is not enough for trying to keep up with a college class.  When I get back to Chadron, part of my goal for this upcoming school year is to have a budget that allows me to have internet at my apartment rather than being limited to the internet on campus and at the local library.  If that happens, I will definitely need to be mindful of my usage and make sure that I am being moderate and conscientious.

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One thought on “Paying Attention to Attention

  1. Sounds like you have had a busy summer so far. It is great that your grandparents have you to help with their garden. It requires a lot of attention. I hope you are able to get internet at home as that would be easier and maybe even make your homework schedule a little more flexible.


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