The Internet and I

Googling Myself

Links and Images

For this Week 5 blog post, the prompt was to Google yourself and then contemplate what you found.  To be honest, I did not find much that actually pertained to me specifically.  Since my name is not uncommon, I found many links to the profiles of other “Amanda Jeters” on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.  Apparently, there is also an “Amanda Jeter” who is a singer that performs and uploads videos of herself singing to YouTube regularly.  Adding to that, there are many famous individuals with either the first name of “Amanda” or the last name of “Jeter”, so they showed up in my Google search as well.  Some notable examples of this were Amanda Bynes, Derrick Jeter, and Michael Jeter.  However, I did show up when I clicked on the link to find “Amanda Jeter” on Facebook.

Retrieved from CC by Dennis Skley

Active Spaces

I would not say that I am necessarily the most active person online, but there are a few spaces that I am fairly well engaged with.  For starters, I am rather active on WordPress and Twitter as a result of this class and others.  I am fairly active on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the activities of the CSC Social Science Club and as a part of my duties as an executive officer of the club.  I am also fairly active on Pinterest and Tumblr as they allow me to feed my hobbies and interests.  When I have the freedom to do so, I also like to play YouTube videos as background noise for when I am completing menial tasks as a way of keeping myself motivated.  Most of the time I do not know what really happened in the video, but the fact that there is a person speaking in the background activates the part of my brain that necessitates that everything is as it should be whether it is homework or housework.  I also tend to visit music-streaming sites such as Pandora and Spotify when I can.  When I need a quick brain break, I will often visit jigsaw puzzle sites or quiz sites such as JigsawPlanet or SporcleSporcle respectively.  (As a side note, Sporcle has many quizzes that are school-subject oriented so they might be useful as brain break or review tools.)

Online Identity

To be honest, I am not really sure what my online identity says about me.  In some aspects it might say that I am fairly outspoken about certain subjects.  If you knew where and how to look, it might also show how I have grown and changed as a person over time.  In other regards, the difficulty in finding me might show that I am either very secretive or just not very active online for whatever reason.  For those that do know me, the lack of an Internet presence is less because I am secretive and more because Internet has always been considered a luxury within the realm of my life and my circumstances.  Therefore, it is only within recent years that I have begun to leave any sorts of footprints on the Web.  As a result, I really have no idea what my online identity, or lack thereof, would say to a potential employer.  Come to think of it though, my personal Twitter feed might show that I have a weird sense of humor that tends to involve a lot of literature.

no internet
Retrieved from CC by Marcelo Graciolli



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