For this Daily Create, the assignment was to plug your town into a specially made generator, called What 3 Words, that finds the three words that are most associated with your town and the map of it.  You are then supposed to plug the three generated words into a Google image search to find at least two images that align with the three words.

Daily Create_1_Your Town's What 3 Words Map Story tdc1637

I began by plugging my town of Lecompton, Kansas into the generator and it pulled up the words “detractors”, “complex”, and “shuddering”.  I would not recommend asking my why the generator may have created this combination of words because I honestly have no idea.  To be fair, we do not generate much news about us in Lecompton, but when we do it is usually about something weird, serious, or some combination of the two.  I grabbed a screenshot of the map for everyone to see that, yes, this is a thing that happened.  I then went on to find the two aforementioned images and grabbed these:

Free for Non-Commercial Use Image Retrieved from Google Images with the original source being a Wikipedia article titled Prison-industrial Complex

I picked this first one because there is not much to do in Lecompton, so many of the teens and young adults turn to petty crime and drugs.  It is not uncommon to hear tales about shoplifting, possession of an illegal substance, underage drinking, providing alcohol to a minor, driving under the influence, and other such actions.  Adding to the degeneration, oftentimes one in the group will have a relative on the force who would brush everything under the rug for them.  At one point, there was even a small, upstart gang in Lecompton where all they did was walk around “menacingly”.

Free for Non-Commercial Use Image Retrieved from Google Images with the Original Source being a Scene Capture from this YouTube Video

I picked the second image because half of the town is really into the history and the community while the other half just wants to be left alone.  Many in the first crowd are so dedicated because they were around when the town was still relatively thriving and a nice place to live.  People in the second crowd are usually so despondent because they feel trapped or stuck in Lecompton as their dreams remain unfulfilled.  I am sure everyone can tell which person aligns with each group.

While it may seem like I am bagging on my town, which to some extent I am, but all things considered it was not actually a bad place to grow up.  Of course, many people are very stuck in their ways and not very accepting of change, which may explain why the town has stagnated, but that is their prerogative.  However, I made friends, had my family, and it adequately prepared me for going off on my own to college and adulthood, and for that I am grateful.


It turns out that I may have had to write a sentence using those words, so here is an attempt:

Detractors engage in complex shuddering when their own character is undermined.




2 thoughts on “#tdc1637

  1. That’s funny, its like it just picks 3 random words. Mine said wounds, olives and caves. We are not known for our olives, we don’t have caves and I guess some people get wounded here but not an abnormal amount. These daily creates are fun thought!


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