Even More Knitting!

By this point in the class, I have almost completed the middle chunk of the blanket I am attempting to create.  As I have found it incredibly difficult to make the abstract idea that I have in my head and turn it into real, tangible awesomeness… I think I am going to take a step back to sketch out the rest of my project idea before I continue.  What I had forgotten, and have been forcibly reminded of at this juncture in my knitting, is that there are numerous different factors that affect the size of the stitches, and thusly the squares, as you knit them.  The thickness of the yarn, the size of your needles, and the way that you knit can all have an impact on the number of pieces that you will need to piece together once it comes time to actually complete the project.  Additionally, I also have forgotten just how much time it takes me to complete a square as I am still learning.  Right now, I have managed to become quite proficient at casting on stitches.  However, when it comes to casting off, I have to go really slow or I run the very real risk of dropping stitches and having holes in my square.  While I would generally be okay with having holes in a project that I am making for myself, for the purposes of this class I find myself wanting to make this blanket as perfect as I possibly can.

Original Picture of a Piece in Progress

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that there is a very real chance that I might not fully complete this blanket by the time the end of this class rolls around.  I have accepted this.  As it stands, I have not decided to quit this project and change, but rather whatever I complete will serve as my project and then completing it will be my takeaway goal from this class.  To my mind, it is not the perfect alignment of completion dates that is important, but rather the dedication to the project and the class and the lessons I learned from each that are the most meaningful.  With this being said, the blanket will always serve as a reminder of those lessons and that meaning that came from the class, my college career thus far, and the point I have reached in my life.  As a result, I plan to cherish the blanket and everything it represents for the rest of my life.

Original Picture of the Finished Piece

2 thoughts on “Even More Knitting!

  1. I love your ILP idea! I somewhat know how to crochet but have always wanted to teach myself how to knit. You mentioned how much concentration knitting takes and that is exactly how crocheting is. You basically have to be focused on just that or you will lose whatever stitch you are on. I like your outlook that you have about finishing the project. I hope you continue to work on it even after this class and I know it will serve as a great reminder of this class. I can’t wait to see your progress on the blanket!


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