Picture This: Little Peach


Recently, the Avengers book club decided to read the book Little Peach.  It was a very intense read, but I believe it was well worth it.  One scene in the book describes how a young girl, Michelle, is tattooed to show that she belongs to a pimp called Devon.  All of his girls are tattooed in this mammer.  However, his possessiveness goes even further in that once he gives them a nickname (i.e., Little Peach, Baby Girl, and Kitty Kat) he rarely if ever uses their real names again.

I decided to create a combination sketch of the images from the girls’ tattoos combined with their nickname in a script that I pictured being similar to the one proclaiming their status.  This is because all of ot, the tattoos and the nicknames, combine to form this new identity that centers around Devon, makes them dependent on him, and forces them to bow to his will.

My sketch helped me to understand that one cannot just walk away from such a life.  Devon was part of a gang, and the combination of his ownership and the tattoos made the girls gang members as well.  If they were to attempt to leave or get help, then death would have been a mercy compared to what Devon and his gang would do to get retribution.

A question that it raised for me was what was going to happen to Michelle, also known as Little Peach, since she did go to the police.  Were the police going to help her, or were they going to force her to fend for herself since they seemed to believe that she asked for everything that happened to her?


2 thoughts on “Picture This: Little Peach

  1. I’ve been seeing all the Avengers talking about Little Peach and I REALLY have to read it. I think your image/sketch is amazing. Also, your description really makes me think about the lives of these girls.
    Do you think there are other life situations where the lessons of Little Peach apply?


    1. I think the lessons of Little Peach can apply to other incredibly traumatic situations where identity and autonomy is stolen such as human trafficking, war, slavery, rape, etc. Since the story is told from the perspective of the victim themself, it gives key insight into why such events are so horrific and the trauma is only multiplied if the ones who are supposed to help you engage in blaming behaviors. Thank you for the comment and the compliment!

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