Avengers Assemble

On the day of January 19th, 2016, a Very Important Decision was made that may change the face of everything I once thought I knew… I joined a book club.  Apparently, there are some rules associated with the book club and the joining thereof.

Rules of the Book Club

1. You don’t talk about Book Club.

This reference just spoke to me and I felt that to not include it in this blog post would have been a travesty.  Seriously though, I am so excited to join a book club and have a group of people I can share my thoughts and opinions on books with and just have a good time.

The first meeting was mostly about establishing the club as an entity and stabilizing the rules and expectations in order to ensure a good experience for everyone involved.  We, as a club, decided to call ourselves the Avengers because the chance to tweet out “Avengers Assemble” when it comes time to meet was too good to pass up.  The club also came up with some rules regarding participation and civility because we all want this to succeed and having a basic foundation could only help in this regard.  After that, we decided upon meeting times and dates, and then we all agreed upon a location before moving on to the topic of reading choices.

We all threw out ideas for books that we would not only like to read but that also met class requirements and then narrowed down the list to one book we wanted to read by the next meeting of the club.  For the first club book, we decided to read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.  As of yet, we have not met to discuss the book, but I feel that the meeting will be great.  The book deals with issues like poverty, young love, and perceptions, among others, and I feel that the members will all have interesting ideas to contribute.

eleanor and park



8 thoughts on “Avengers Assemble

  1. My group member and I also chose Eleanor and Park as our first story as well. It was a great book to discuss, and I felt as though I got a lot more insight to the themes after discussing it with my partner. I’m sure your group will get a lot out of your discussions as well!


  2. Yay Avengers! This is my first book club, and I’m excited about it. I love geeking out with fellow lit nerds about books! I just started reading Eleanor and Park, but I love it so much!


  3. Well, There goes the book club… What happened to “you don’t talk about book club?” I was leery when it was decided to read this book, but it has slowly won me over from the dark side. I am looking forward to discussing it as well.


  4. I totally agree with you about Avengers Assemble. Too good of an opportunity to pass up! This was a great choice for your first book club read too. Plenty to talk about, lots to love, some things maybe not to love so much too.


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